COVID-19 Cases Rising but Midlo Print Factory is here for you.

Hey everyone,

No matter our political beliefs or medical abilities, there is a pandemic that is plaguing our Nation everyday.  It does not matter your race, color, creed or any other groups for that matter.  It is a silent killer that must be stopped.  Only through unification, support in our faith and leadership, and true love for the safety and sanctity of our fellow Americans can we defeat this bug!

As the holidays draw near, we at Midlothian Print Factory understand maintaining social distancing, wearing masks, and the hundred other things we must do to protect ourselves.  Let's have fun this holiday season by getting each other specialized masks, maybe that funny social distancing t-shirt, or that monogrammed item for that special someone.  We have a website and a plethora of other social media engines, just search "Midlothian Print Factory".

Please, remember to adhere to all the rules and regulations set forth by our leaders.  Wear masks, social distance, wash and sanitize hands, and quarantine if required.  This does not mean we have to become hermits.  Get out, enjoy the holidays and the remainder of the year and lets finish 2020 with a BANG!

Thank you ALL!

The Midlothian Print Factory Team