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Process that involves stitching logos, names, monograms, etc., into many different types of garments. Stitching will outlast the life of the garment. Click Here for a quote!

Digital Printing

Digital printing is a newer process in the garment making industry. It does not require screens to be setup. It instead is printed directly from a printer onto the shirt. This allows for greater detail and colors. Allows to option to print one shirt. Not as durable as Screen Printing. Click here for a quote!

Heat Press

Widely used with vinyl, which involves simpler images being cut out one color at a time and applied with a heat press to the garment. The industry has grown tremendously over the past few years. Now offering patterns, silicone based products, reflective, etc. This is perfect for smaller or specialized orders. Not practical for larger orders. Click Here for a quote or questions! 


We only offer partial sublimation, images that are 13x19 or smaller. For garments it must be applied to a light colored polyester material. This can also be applied to a wide range of products. Click here for a full list of products that can be sublimated!